An orange cat laying on a bannister

Have you ever met an uninspired cat owner? Not likely. Of all the people out there devoted to their pets, those that are privileged to live among cats could easily rattle off a long list why their kitties are the absolute best. 

Without a doubt, cats are alluring and entertaining, dazzling us with their eyes, acrobatics and hunting skills. What’s more, when excellent cat care is in place they seem to show their appreciation with extra snuggles and head butts.  

Every Cat Is Unique

Veteran cat owners know that not all cats are equal. Some are chatty, while others like their alone time. Some go bananas for birds, others are content to play with catnip mice. Some cats are easily litter box trained, others struggle.

No matter what, by establishing and maintaining the essentials of cat care, owners give their fluffies a leg up.

“Low Maintenance” Myth

Cats have a reputation for being less demanding than, say, dogs. Sure, they don’t beg for walks around the block. But just because they are relatively quiet animals doesn’t mean they don’t  require and benefit from daily attention to all their needs.

Does your cat feel strongly that they should be the only cat in the house? Or do they prefer being part of a busy family with other animals? 

Intuiting your cat’s preferences may not always be straightforward; pay close attention to subtle body language and behaviors to understand them better.

An Issue of Time

Depending on your special little Fluff’s lifestyle, personality and age, they may need interaction throughout the day. Senior cats may prefer to sleep all day, making any long stretches away from home easier. In either case, plenty of fresh, cool water, unfettered access to a clean litter box, and regular mealtimes are important aspects of cat care.

The Cat Care List

Your cat should be examined every year until they reach the senior years. At this point, an exam every 6 months is appropriate to detect age-related illness and effectively treat pain. 

Your cat’s dental health is essential to a long, healthy life. Young cats may take to teeth brushing at home a bit better than older cats. But all felines benefit from regular cleanings and attention to the teeth and gums. 

Environmental Enrichment

Your cat would like you to know that they love to scratch, perch, hide, ambush, and generally observe the household without interruption. Always place cat scratchers, cat trees, cat shelves, hammocks, crates, and more in ideal locations just for them. Aim to play together at least 20 minutes every day. 

Designing and constructing a catio, or cat patio, can give an indoor-only cat the best of both worlds. Be sure that your cat is up to date on all their vaccinations and parasite prevention medication.

Best Friends Forever

The combination of a sweet lap cat and their dedicated owner is a hard one to beat. Cats make excellent pets, and when all the principles of cat care are met, people make top notch cat owners.

As with anything related to your cat’s health and wellness, our team at Brodie Animal Hospital is always here for you.