A dog eating grass outdoors

Did you adopt a dog or goat? There aren’t many behaviors shared between the two species, but eating grass is definitely one of them. Some dogs simply love to chew on anything they can get between their jaws. Others do it for… well, they must have good reasons, right?

Leaning on canine logic may be a stretch in this case, but yes, dogs eat grass in order to to arrive at a specific sensation. What other funky dog behaviors get you second-guessing?

Diving Right In

Canine behavior has a pretty wide range. Much of what dogs do is adorable, but there are certain habits that are less than savory. For example, dogs that prefer to drink out of the toilet or hump the legs of complete strangers at the park. They’re not perfect, but they’re certainly not boring!

Warming Up

As we approach the warmer days of spring and summer the wacky antics specific to domestic dogs are going to be on full display.

Take the previously mentioned concept of eating grass. If you’re no stranger to this phenomenon you’ve probably wondered what this is all about. Even though canine behavior experts don’t know exactly why dogs eat grass, they do have theories.

  • Resolves gastrointestinal issues – If you’ve seen dogs eat grass you’ve probably seen them vomit it right back up in short order. It’s possible that dogs eat grass to provide an emetic response to something bugging them in their tummies.
  • Fills in any nutritional gaps for fiber or roughage – Equally possible is that dogs eat grass simply because they feel the need for more bulk in their diet.
  • It’s fun and different! – Dogs are truly opportunists. Any chance they can get for something out of the ordinary, they’ll likely scarf it right down.

Grain of Salt

As long as your dog isn’t showing signs of discomfort or pain after eating grass, you don’t have to be overly concerned about this behavior. However, because many lawns are treated with fertilizers or pesticides, try to steer them towards greenery that you know is untreated.

Also, be aware that when dogs eat grass, vomiting and possibly diarrhea are probably imminent.

Dogs Eat Grass And Other Strange Habits

Longer, warmer days. Picnics. Hikes. Long stretches of outdoor time. These all beg the question: What other strange behaviors can you expect from your dog this spring and summer? Perhaps any of these:

  • Butt scooting
  • Sniffing other dog’s bums
  • Poop eating
  • Chasing their own tail
  • Humping
  • Licking the people they love
  • Staring at you
  • Freaking out when you say the magic word: walk

There are many more endearing (yet odd) canine behaviors to choose from. It’s possible to train your dog not to do things you don’t like or feel may be harmful.

While most are completely normal, if you happen to notice that your dog is acting uncharacteristically please let us know.  Our team is always here for your precious pooch at Brodie Animal Hospital.