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Save a Life, Adopt a Rescue Pet

August 02, 2022

Just over half of all U.S. households have at least one dog, and more than a third own a cat. That's a lot of pets being cared for around the country! This positive fact hides a grim reality: millions of homeless pets enter animal shelters each year, and the majority of them never find (or return to) their forever homes.

An important way to have a positive impact is to adopt a rescue pet from a local shelter. Looking for more reasons? We've got 5 of them below!


While there are many great reasons to work with responsible breeders, the process of adopting a pet from a shelter can be one of life's most meaningful experiences.

Reason Number 1: Pets appear to register that they aren't in an ideal situation. Given the chance to leave the shelter and reap the benefits of the human-animal bond, they typically respond with heaps of gratitude. You will see and feel the difference in a newly adoptable pet as they settle in at home. The best part? They repay your kindness with unconditional love.

All Are Deserving

Animal shelters are commonly overcrowded, which leaves many adoptable pets to wait for an unoccupied bed or cage. For pets that are older, sick, injured, or have been in the system for a certain amount of time, euthanasia is an unfortunate outcome.

Reason Number 2: When you adopt a rescue pet, you not only save their life, but by freeing up the space in the shelter, you impact the life of an incoming pet in need of a home.

Pay It Forward

Foster programs interrupt the cycle somewhat by placing pets in temporary homes. This not only frees up space in crowded shelters, but gives foster pets a chance to make new friends and learn new skills in an enriching environment.

Reason Number 3: Foster programs are essential and are linked to a pet's faster rate of adoption because they are relaxed, trusting, and ready to connect. The opportunity to leave the shelter reduces behavioral problems that may inhibit a successful adoption.

Playing a Part

Reason Number 4: When you adopt a rescue pet, there's a chance that you help decrease the popularity of backyard breeders or puppy/kitten mills. Reputable breeders uphold high standards, raise awareness of their breed, and act as an educational resource for pet owners and breed enthusiasts. Backyard breeders, on the other hand, can sell ill or genetically-challenged pets to unsuspecting owners that may end up surrendering their pet if/when things go wrong medically or behaviorally.

By adopting, we avoid supporting practices that cause and exacerbate pet homelessness. This can reduce animal cruelty and contribute to the greater good by supporting your local shelter/rescue.

Adopt a Rescue Pet

Reason Number 5: When it's done responsibly, adopting a rescue pet can make the world a better place.

Your friends at Brodie Animal Hospital are always here to answer your questions or address concerns about adoption, and we wish you luck during this life-changing experience. Feel free to call us at (512) 892-3486.

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