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Brodie Animal Hospital provides these pet resources for information only. We are not affiliated with nor do we specifically recommend these organizations or websites. Always call us with questions.

Local Adoption Agencies and Rescue Organizations

We at Brodie Animal Hospital strongly encourage adopting pets through local shelters and animal rescue organizations rather than buying your pets from a pet store or a breeder that may not be practicing responsible breeding habits. Adopting a pet helps reduce the number of pets that are euthanized in shelters every year. If you choose to purchase a pet from a breeder, we advise you to visit the premises where they are housed. Do not buy a pet from a breeder that will not let you see the environment in which they are keeping their puppies and kittens–it is your right to know what conditions your future pet was born into. In recent months, the plight of dogs and puppies kept and bred in puppy mills has been brought to the nation’s attention.

For more information, please visit Whether you adopt or shop, caring for a new puppy can be simple with our puppy care guide for new pet parents.

For reputable breeders, please visit for dogs and for cats.

Pet Health, Behavior & Info Sites

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