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Brodie Animal Hospital Brodie Animal Hospital

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Healthy Mouths Make Happy Pets

Oral health is an essential part of your pet’s overall wellness. Routine dental care helps protect your pet against gum disease and tooth decay, as well as other systemic diseases that result from a build-up of bacteria in the mouth. At Brodie Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing exceptional dental care for cats and dogs. Every dental care appointment involves multiple steps, allowing us to fully evaluate your pet’s mouth and provide the necessary treatments.

Our hospital strives to put you and your pet first. We choose to maintain nationally recognized certifications, including AAHA accreditation and Gold Certification by Cat Friendly Practice®, that help us create a safe, relaxing place for animals and their owners.

What to expect

Puppy with toothbrush

Prior to the procedure:

At the beginning of the dental procedure, we complete a physical examination, run pre-procedure bloodwork, and discuss the details of the dental appointment. Because we want your pet to remain safe and comfortable throughout the dental appointment, we complete the entire procedure under anesthesia.

During the procedure:

Our dental procedures are highly comprehensive and involve multiple steps. After administering anesthesia, we complete the following:

  • Full-mouth dental x-rays to evaluate your pet’s mouth, jaw, and teeth
  • Thorough dental cleaning that involves scaling and polishing each tooth
  • Extractions or tooth preservation measures if needed
  • Oral surgery if needed, such as removing foreign bodies or completing a root canal

After the procedure:

Just like humans, regular home dental care helps maintain the health of your pet’s mouth and teeth. Our experienced staff reviews the results of the procedure and provides detailed recommendations on how to complete a daily oral hygiene regimen at home. We also discuss beneficial dental products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, oral rinses, dental diets, and medicated dental chews.

Connecting with you and your pet

At Brodie Animal Hospital, we care about your relationship with your pet. We hope to be a part of this special experience. Please contact us today to learn more about our wellness programs or to schedule an appointment.