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Brodie Animal Hospital Brodie Animal Hospital

Phone:  (512) 892‑3486 Address: Austin, TX 78745

Building Relationships Over a Lifetime

At Brodie Animal Hospital, we believe your pet deserves the very best care. We combine cutting-edge technology with high-quality medicine to ensure that your pet leads a happy and healthy life. Our hospital offers customized wellness programs for cats and dogs at different stages of life.

As an AAHA-accredited hospital, we meet the highest standards in veterinary medicine. Our clinic is also a Gold Certified Cat Friendly Practice®, providing a relaxed feline-friendly environment that reduces stress and improves overall care.

Puppy and kitten care

Puppy and kitten

Welcoming a new family member is always a special experience. Our goal is to help the whole family enjoy their newest addition. From nutritional counseling to vaccinations, we’re here to prepare you for the many exciting years to come. Brodie Animal Hospital's exclusive puppy care guide provides extensive puppy and dog pet care.

Puppy and kitten wellness consists of a series of visits during the first year of life. During those visits we’ll do the following:

  • Thorough physical exams to ensure your new family member is off to a healthy start in life
  • Vaccinations and parasite prevention protect against harmful diseases or illnesses
  • Microchipping can help you find your pet quickly in case he or she becomes lost
  • Nutritional and behavioral counseling to determine whether your pet may benefit from a diet plan or training program
  • Education for the entire family to prepare you for taking care of your newest addition

Adult dog and cat care

Dog and cat

Congratulations, your pet is in the prime of his or her life. We recognize there is a big difference between a small puppy or kitten and a full-grown dog or cat. Our goal during this stage in life is to ensure your pet is and continues to be happy and healthy.

Adult dog and cat care consists of regular wellness visits that include the following:

  • Comprehensive physical exams to obtain a baseline for health and wellness
  • Vaccinations and parasite prevention to ensure your pet is protected against common pests and diseases
  • Education and counseling to maximize your pet’s quality of life by providing individualized diet recommendations or referrals for training programs, if needed

Senior dog and cat care

Senior dog resting

You and your pet have enjoyed many fulfilling years together. Our goal is to ensure that there are more happy and healthy years to come. We provide highly comprehensive senior pet care services that help us closely monitor pet’s health and provide the right treatment at the right time.

For senior pets, we recommend bi-annual exams where we do the following:

  • Detailed physical exams to monitor changes over time and provide treatments as needed
  • Diagnostic testing to examine your pet’s blood, bones, and organs for illnesses that may not be visible during a physical exam
  • Vaccinations and parasite prevention that will continue to protect your pet against pests and disease
  • Education and counseling to provide you and your family with a complete picture of your pet’s health and discuss treatment recommendations as needed

Connecting with you and your pet

At Brodie Animal Hospital, we care about your relationship with your pet. We hope to be a part of this special experience. Please contact us today to learn more about our wellness programs or to schedule an appointment.