How to Stop Dogs From Digging

french bulldog in a yard

Do you have a digging dog on your hands? Canine behaviors such as digging up your flower bed or burying toys may be confounding (not to mention extremely annoying), but it usually all boils down to instinct. Once you know why they’re doing it you can help redirect them. 

Can we really stop dogs from digging? Absolutely!

Scratch the Surface

Dogs dig for entertainment, to cool down on a hot day, when hunting for small, burrowing prey, to escape, or to simply grab their owner’s attention. The important thing to remember is that dogs aren’t doing this to upset you, they simply cannot help it. 

Born This Way

Some dog breeds have been bred specifically to be good diggers. Terriers and Beagles know exactly how to find small prey beneath the ground, for instance. 

Also, working breeds that don’t have enough “work” to do may end up throwing themselves into the job of digging, among other things. 

Stop Dogs From Digging

It is really important to keep your dog as active as possible. When they are bored or idle they may take up this common canine behavior. Mental stimulation and strenuous physical exertion keeps a dog happy and healthy. 

Friends Forever

If your dog spends too much time alone without the company of other animal friends or people, they may look for an outlet in all the wrong places

Doggie day care, dog walkers, or pet sitters can provide extra opportunities for engagement when you’re working. When you are home, be sure to give your dog at least 2 walks a day, time playing with brain games, or take up agility or obedience training.

Hot Diggity Dogs

If your dog is obsessed with gophers, moles, and other burrowing animals, try to eliminate them from your property in a way that doesn’t expose your dog to dangerous poisons or traps. You might try specific fencing options to keep them out of an area just for your dog.

Harness the Potential

Since digging is a behavior that feeds their senses and answers canine instincts you might want to set up an area of your yard that is just for this purpose. Train your dog to only dig in the back corner, for instance, that isn’t visible from the house. Bury some of their toys there to make it a game.

Similarly, if your dog digs because of the weather be sure to provide extra cool places for them to relax in. Shade, cross-ventilation, and access to water is ideal. Breeds like Huskies or Malamutes dig in the snow to stay warm, and owners might see this breed carving out a burrow during the colder months.

Dogs Will Be Dogs

To stop dogs from digging try not to overreact or punish them as this can have the opposite result. Fill holes with water or position large rocks along the fenceline where they’ve dug previously. Place chicken wire or install fencing to redirect them. 

If you need extra help with behavioral training, please let us know. Our staff is always here for you at Brodie Animal Hospital

Puppy Potty Practice: How to Successfully House Train Your Pet

Teaching your dog the ropes on where they should do their business is one that requires great amounts of patience. 

If you have ever house trained a puppy, you know that it is quite the process and that you will be cleaning up plenty of messes. Successfully house training your pet, though, can be done and it is a skill that will benefit them (and you!) for their lifetime. 

House training a pet relies on the same approach as you would take with teaching commands or how to walk on a leash. This means rewarding your pet for good behavior. But how do you do this? 

You’re in luck! The team at Brodie Animal Hospital  is here with some simple suggestions for how to train your pet to go potty where they should. Let’s begin!


When You Return to Work, Is Pet Separation Anxiety Inevitable?

Most of us are having trouble coping these days, but family pets sure are enjoying their jobs. They fill very important roles for us in uncertain times as our support system, and we depend on them for their unconditional love, reassurance, and utter devotion. 

But what will happen to this dynamic if/when we return to work or school? Will pets just automatically resume their previous schedules? What about animals adopted right before the country shut down? They haven’t experienced large amounts of “me time” since arriving at their new homes. 

Pet separation anxiety is a natural consequence, and there are ways to prevent and treat it.


Pet Safe Pest Control You Can Make at Home

This time of year is rife with bugs and pests, which can sometimes plague the home and yard. But if you have a four-legged companion, you can’t just spray or dispense pesticides without potentially putting your pet at risk. These insect repellents are effective but are toxic to insects and, unfortunately, also to other animals. 

Still, no one wants to be overrun with mosquitoes, gnats, ants, and other invading species. This is why your friends at Brodie Animal Hospital are here with some simple, pet safe pest control solutions for you to check out.


The Special Relationship Between You Makes Cat Care Worth It

Have you ever met an uninspired cat owner? Not likely. Of all the people out there devoted to their pets, those that are privileged to live among cats could easily rattle off a long list why their kitties are the absolute best. 

Without a doubt, cats are alluring and entertaining, dazzling us with their eyes, acrobatics and hunting skills. What’s more, when excellent cat care is in place they seem to show their appreciation with extra snuggles and head butts.  

Every Cat Is Unique

Veteran cat owners know that not all cats are equal. Some are chatty, while others like their alone time. Some go bananas for birds, others are content to play with catnip mice. Some cats are easily litter box trained, others struggle.


6 Puppy Behaviors to Keep an Eye On

Those rolly-polly bodies and adorable faces, what’s not to like about puppies? If you have adopted a new puppy, it’s definitely an exciting time in your household. Puppies are full of curiosity and energy, and never seem lax on trying to figure out everything in their surroundings. These playful babies are certainly swoon-worthy, but sometimes behaviors arise that aren’t exactly adorable.

As your puppy develops and grows into an adolescent, there are some behaviors to watch out for during their training and socialization. Your team at Brodie Animal Hospital is here to explain. 


Yes, They’re Covered In Fur, but Pet Sun Protection Is Key

Pets used to be allowed to spend inordinate amounts of time in the direct sun. We now know that the consequences of overexposure include skin damage or worse for pets. That’s why pet sun protection is becoming a priority for all pet owners, regardless of how furry their pet is.

One More Thing to Do

Most of us wouldn’t think of spending hours on end in the blazing sun. We know it’s bad for us, and our skin pays the price. So, we don wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and protective clothing to help us combat ultraviolet rays. If we’re prone to sun damage, why wouldn’t our pets be?


Is Car Sickness in Dogs a Real Thing?

It sounds like a cruel joke, but we can assure you, dogs get motion sickness all the time. Contrary to the plethora of images depicting happy dogs riding in cars, trucks, tractors, and everything in between, they simply don’t come equipped to handle the sensations associated with traveling. Instead, like most new things, they have to become acclimated to the experience. 

When it comes to preventing canine car sickness, or easing symptoms, we’ve got you covered!


The Big Meow – Are You Ready for a Cat?

As the saying goes “a house is not a home without a cat”. This might not be true for everyone, but a home shared with one or more cats is definitely more cozy. This could be explained by their willingness to snuggle, or their engaged affection. Whatever the case may be, a warm, purring kitty is simply wonderful. 

With more than 90 million pet cats in homes nationwide, we are in full acknowledgment of all the amazement, joy, and contentment they bring. However, there is a difference between wanting one and being truly ready for a cat.